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James E. Hilton - SAMS accredited Marine surveyor (AMS®)

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Founded in 2009, EBCS Marine Survey was the result of a lifetime of experience working in and around all aspects of the yachting industry. Let us help you establish condition and value for insurance, or help guide you through the boat buying process. 

James E. Hilton

Our President and Founder

EBCS Marine, LLC

  • Bottom inspection - visual, percussion via phenolic mallet
  • Deck inspection - structure, attachment, fittings & hardware
  • Water intrusion - visual, Electronic moisture meter, percussion via phenolic mallet, FLIR Thermal Imaging
  • Interior - fit & finish, bulkheads, tabbing, cabinetry & upholstery, and equipment
  • Tankage - material, condition, hosing
  • Mechanical - outward condition, installation, leaks & drips, operation at sea trial (full load)
  • Full Report - transmitted quickly via PDF attachment